A brief history and functions executive summary for websba.com

Websba was developed, on real time, by a computer systems integration business to automate the manual accounting and production management functions (at first) and later it was enhanced to include other management functions aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any small business. 

History: After more than 30 years in the corporate world designing electronic circuits (using the slide rule and computer programs at Zenith Radio corporation), Farmacy Information systems at the University of Chicago Medical Center, in Chicago and later implementing main frame based Accounting, Manufacturing Information systems at Bell and Howell and Arco Petroleum Products (Chicago and California respectively) minicomputer based systems at Lear Sigler and Intermedics (Anaheim and Pasadena California), we selected to  harness the technical and management experience and transition into entrepreneurship. 

in 1986 we started a small systems Information Technology business in Upland Ca, focusing on systems integration of IBM compatible personal computers (XTs and ATs as were known to very few at the time) for small business  I was integrating  and assembling  hardware while my wife Ann , an Illinois Tech Computer Science graduate with extensive experience in programming and minicomputer operating systems (GTE, ITT also with teaching experience Chaffee Highschool)   headed up software and  training section.   

Interestingly, when we announced our decision to open a computer store in Upland, a friend who owned a family restaurant said:  “Who is going to buy a computer?”  But even though we were few of the first to sell computers, people did buy them.  In the late 1980s we sold close to one million dollars in products and services with only few employees.  At first we began selling them to professionals, Schools, individuals and yes later to small business including restaurants.   It was true that only few knew how to use them. Most buyers considered the computer as a sophisticated typewriter.   Ann was teaching computer classes at Chaffee adult school at the time, but scheduled private classes at the computer store at first and later,  at a new acquired facility to meet the demand.   She  first  taught operating systems and applications for desk top PCs with the limited applications available at the time, mostly word processing and spread sheet analysis and later.  I taught accounting and computer networking later.  For many years, we trained individuals from house wife’s to construction workers to secretaries, retired professionals and executives.   I am reminded of an unemployed CEO who after failing to secure a traditional management position decided to learn word processing to write his own memos.  We accepted and trained many interns from the local Colleges as Chaffee and Mount San Antonio Colleges.

For our Sales and Production Management operations, we used a manual management system at first, since there were no accounting and production management software packages available for PCs at the time as they were for mini and mainframes computers.  Going from a large corporation were everything was computerized to small business manual system, it was a challenge.  We thus began to computerize our manual home-grown accounting and production management system to satisfy our immediate basic needs as retailers and systems integrators.   We often tested and used accounting packages as they were becoming available for the PC.  Most of them were single user PC based and none of them handled on line entered orders,  We had to transcribe and re-entered orders from e-mails and third party on online order entry packages to the accounting PC.  This was a very time consuming very inefficient process and motivated it us to begin rewriting the programs from server centric to browser centric to be accessed by a web browser.  

We later acquired a private domain wensba.com and connected a Windows web server to the Internet through a fast telephone connection.   The concept of cloud computing was born. We could access the Server with a browser from any anywhere at any time and our customers could place orders and follow progress directly from the accounting module.  We created accounts in our web server and offered accounting services to other small business that lacked in house web server and or software.   We provided subscribers with account ID and passwords to securely and securely access their databases (down load and upload as needed MS Access Data bases as needed for remote safe keeping.

Subscribers now had no need to go to the office to enter transactions.  Our productivity increased manifold where at the same time our profitability also increased from subscription income.  

WebSBM is now installed on a number of servers under different domains and serves multiple companies with multiple users.

The package is now upgraded to complete Small Business Management functions “WebSBM  can be installed on any Windows server that is connected to the internet via a dedicated fast connection and configured under any domain name.  

Function Summary.

The accounting features include:                                                                                                    


The e-commerce features fully integrate with the entire accounting system.

Some of the benefits our subscribers receive include:  

The picture on the top right depicts a typical scenario. An authorized customer is placing an order using the e-commerce features available on the WebSBA server. Simultaneously, another prospective customer is reviewing product offerings or a previous order. The business manager, with full control of the accounting modules, is releasing a customer’s order and possibly acquiring any needed components from a vendor.